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Cross linking gets a Medicare Number

Cross linking gets a Medicare Number

Thank God and about time

Medicare Number for Keratoconus cross linking

After a decade of performing corneal cross linking (CXL) to stabilise progressive keratoconus and treating thousands of patients eyes medicare relief is finally here. The procedure is set to receive a medicare number from the 1st of May 2018. Once confirmed patients can now expect a significant rebate with the treatment.

What does cross linking (CXL) cost in Brisbane?

Once a medicare number for corneal cross linking (CXL) is activated Eyesmatter will be directly billing all insured patients, where that facility exists. Eyesmatter will also have bulk billing options for students and health card holders for the foreseeable future. Eyesmatter will also be reaching out to those who have previously deffered surgery for financial reasons.

Closing the GAP with crosslinking

For the last decade too many patients have defered corneal cross linking (CXL) and lost vision. Corneal transplantation rates for keratoconus have plummeted world wide during this time. Less so in Australia. With medicare on board that will change for the better.

What generation do you belong to; crosslinking or transplant?

Those who had a corneal transplant or those who had cross linking (cxl). There has never been more hope for Keratoconus.

Targeted Screening

Eyesmatter recommends targeted screening of those at risk. We offer bulk billed comprehensive eye examinations in our Brisbane based clinics which includes 3D imaging of the cornea as part of Keratoconus screening. It is open without referral to those with a first degree relative with keratoconus. It is also open to those with an optometrist referral who are concerned about a drop in vision, Eyerubbers, high astigmatism, frequent spectacle changes and bad allergies. We know who you are!. 60% of patients will have small gains in vision after cross linking. So why not come before you vision drops rather than after.